Alysson Paolinelli The visionary of the
sustainable tropical agricultural
Sustainable Agricultural Production for Peace

Food is horizon of life, harmony and humanism.

is future, understanding
and peace.

Beginning in the 1970s, Brazil undertook the largest sustainable tropical agricultural revolution in history. Alysson Paolinelli was the visionary who planned and led this great change.

With the tropical agricultural revolution Paolinelli guaranteed food self-sufficiency (until then Brazil was a net importer of basic foods) and a reduction in the cost of food as a share of household expenditure freeding up income for other consumption.

Thus, that historic turnaround also promoted sustained economic growth, social improvement, healthier living and advances in well-being for rural and urban populations. And it also made Brazil the world’s largest exporter of basic foods.

The sustainable tropical agricultural revolution goes on until now. It continues to expand and its best expression is the 230 million tons of grains produced in the country at the last harvest: about ten times more than it was able to produce when the Paolinelli’s revolution started.

Alysson Paolinelli – Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Faces of Sustainable Tropical Agricultural Revolution

alysson paolinelli nobel da paz 2021

The young Secretary of Agriculture of Minas Gerais, a big state in Brazil. His work in this period was the birthplace of the sustainable tropical agricultural revolution.

alysson paolinelli nobel da paz 2021

As Minister of Agriculture he improve science and technology and created the governance structures that ensure the Revolution expansion even today.

alysson paolinelli nobel da paz 2021

He mobilized government, leaders and farmers from other regions to develop the Midwest and promote the productive transformation of the Cerrado.

alysson paolinelli nobel da paz 2021

As a congressman he fought to place in the 1988 brazilian Federal Constitution the pillars for a competitive, sustainable and social inclusion-oriented agriculture.

alysson paolinelli nobel da paz 2021

As a tireless leader, Paolinelli always expanded the scope and horizons of his revolution, engaging people and institutions in his dream.

alysson paolinelli nobel da paz 2021

Looking trhough the 21st century, he now leads the Tropicals Biomes Project connecting science organizations over the world to enable other new tropical agricultural revolutions.

10 facts of the Paolinelli’s revolution